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A.M. Fiduciary Services is wholly owned and operated by Regeimbal, McDonald & Young PLLC, to provide clients with cost effective trust administration and management.

Routinely, family members prefer to nominate a professional Trustee to administer a Trust amongst a complex family dynamic or when a dispute arises.  With the changes in the Trust Modernization Act, most professional fiduciaries are not eligible engage in Trust business without the supervision of the Court or being licensed within the Department of Finances (Chartered Trust Companies). The Trust Modernization Act allows attorneys to engage in Trust business without the cost of being Court supervised, and without having to be licensed under the Department of Finances as a Chartered Trust Company. This allows an attorney to serve as an independent administrator of a Trust to effectively resolve the disputes and administer the Trust pursuant to the terms of the Trust. It is within those parameters that the operation of A.M. Fiduciary Services will work to provide services to the South King County area.